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Learn to draw, paint or photograph in the studio or out on location!

I also offer portfolio development for College acceptance.

Abbreviated topics taught during lessons.

Value Scale & Observation Study
Color Scale & Observation  Study
Rendering Techniques
Space Study (Shallow & Deep)
non-linear methods: placement, color, scale, atmospheric perspective, hard vs. soft lines
Linear Perspective Study (1,2, & 3)
Composition, (Bulls Eye, All Over, Rule of 3rds)

Observational Drawing
1. 1, 2, 3 point perspective linear drawing
2. observational drawing from still life or on location of a scene 
   Places to meet for observational drawing of a scene include 

Drawing: Rendering Techniques
1. Medium - pencil: hatching, cross-hatching, smudging with blending stick, creating  
   graduated tones, variations of line weight,
2. Medium -  graphite powder: dry brush, wet brush, using the ruler to create edges w/ out  
   use of line,

Painting: Rendering Techniques
1. Abstract techniques, glazing, using variations of mediums to get different marks with     
brushes and palette knives.
2. Representational techniques, brush work, composition, value splashes, the art of   
squinting down, ect..

Artist statement"I strive to capture forms through a variety of mark making within a strong composition while effectively using the elements and principles of design. Each work should embody charm, allusive ambiguity, and an alluring complexity of expression." -- M. B. CrabbIn 1996 I met and spent some time with Charles Warren Mundy, an American Impressionist in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mundy spoke about the academics of painting: the importance of composition, the dynamics of mark-making, establishing unity, the proper use of color and placement. This meeting and training was the foundation that guides my technical applications.

In 1997 I was accepted into Ringling's computer animation department. In my first year of training, I was inspired by the following professors: Kevin Dean, Tony Rice, Nancy Clark, Steve Kaplan, Patrick Lindhart, Robert Farber and Daloris Coe. Consequently, my growing curiosity of traditional art mediums led me to enter into the Fine Arts department.
In 1998 I had the opportunity to learn ideas on themes and narrative painting from Leslie Lerner. Lerner influenced my decision to slowly move away from painting and begin experimenting with other mediums including performance, objects and thematical drawing. Lerner's story telling, commitment to process, professionalism, and thought-provoking questions during one-on-one meetings and group critiques caused me to seriously challenge my role as an artist and influence other professional endeavors.

Since graduating from Ringling in 2001 I have worked off and on as an art educator in the public school system at the elementary, middle and high school level.  While teaching I  continue to freelance with a variety of musicians and artists as a photographer and graphic designer.  In 2011 lifelong friend Dr. Erik J. Benton and I created an art only magazine. WORKINGTITLE, the magazine provides an opportunity for fine-artists residing in west central Florida and the surrounding bay area and abroad to showcase their work.

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